Intezar - 2018 Album

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Intezar mp3
Artists: Ginni Pannu
Duration: 3:33 min | Size: 3.48 MB | bitrate: 128 kbps

Album info : Intezar album ,released in - 2018 and is ready for online streaming . Intezar has 1 tracks in the album . Total listening time of Intezar of the full album is 03:32. Music has been composed and written by Ginni Pannu and sung by Ginni Pannu . The best/top song in the entire album Intezar is Intezar . Download all 1 songs from the album Intezar with the total download size of 3.48 MB in high quality mp3 from the best music website on the web for free. .Punjabi album Intezar - 2018 fast , safe and free downloads